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Westworld’s story originally began at the extraordinary Wild West-themed amusement park populated by “host” androids six years ago. A lot has happened since the HBO and Sky Atlantic drama’s debut as chaos quickly took over, especially in the third season. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know to watch the next Westworld series.

What is the release time of Westworld season 4?

Westworld returns to the small screen on Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) on HBO and HBO Max.

The network and streaming service are only available in America, so fans in the UK have to do things differently if they want to watch the latest episodes.

Season four will debut in the UK the following day, Monday June 27, on the Sky Atlantic streaming service and NOW.

Although the release date and time technically differ from the US, Westworld releases at exactly the same time.

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All installments will have an approximate duration of 50 minutes each.

Before the series made its grand debut, the titles of each episode were released.

The Westworld Season 4 schedule looks like this:

Episode 1 – The Augurs

Episode 2 – Pretty Good Alone

Episode 3 – Roaring Twenties

Episode 4 – Generation Loss

Episode 5 – Zhuangzi

Episode 6 – Loyalty

Episode 7 – Metanoia

Episode 8 – What Will Be, Will Be

The world has changed a lot since the third season of Westworld which was released two years ago.

The fourth series will be set seven years after the events of the finale and has been described as a “dark odyssey into the fate of sentient life on Earth”.

It has been revealed that it will include a new amusement park with a 1930s American Mafia setting.

Westworld Season 4 premieres Sunday June 26 on HBO and HBO Max in America and Monday June 27 on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.