What is Kelly Mi Li’s net worth? Drama of Bling Empire Star’s Lawsuit Against Show’s Producer Explained

empire bling Star Kelly Mi Li reportedly sued the show’s producer Jeff Jenkins, accusing him of not giving her credit for the show’s concept.

Li filed a lawsuit on Thursday, April 28, in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that she came up with the idea of empire bling, as reported by People. His lawsuit alleged that Li shared the concept for the show in 2018 and worked with Jenkins for months to create the Netflix show.

In the complaint, Li demanded to be named empire bling‘s executive producer. The lawsuit claimed that Jeff Jenkins Productions and Jenkins’ Bongo, LLC “exploited Plaintiff Li’s concept and materials and entered into binding agreements”.

Claims Kelly Mi Li said in her lawsuit

Producer Jeff Jenkins is known for producing hit TV shows including keeping up with the Kardashians and Total divas.

Li, on the other hand, is a successful Chinese-American entrepreneur and film producer with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Some of his work credits include Interface, Zero and The last party.

She continued empire bling producer Jeff Jenkins for not appointing her as the show’s executive producer. She claimed it was her idea to develop the Netflix show.

Claims made by Li in the court documents include:

1) Li is entitled to a 25% episodic fee, a full executive producer fee for each episode she produced, and a 5% annual raise.

The document reads as follows:

“In addition, Plaintiff Li was to receive conditional compensation in the amount of 20% of 100% of the Amended Adjusted Gross received and withheld from Jenkins for the Project or any derivative work.”

He continued:

“However, the defendants and each of them have failed to honor the obligations and duties owed to the plaintiff and are in violation.”

2) According to reports, Jenkins and Li signed a one-year deal in May 2018. However, the deadline would have been extended if the KUWTK producer brought in a buyer before his agreement expired. Although Jenkins has been in contact with Netflix for empire blingLi’s lawsuit said “the defendants failed and refused to perform the terms of their agreement”.

Only time will tell if Li gets his share of pay and credit for the Netflix show.

empire bling Season 2 premieres May 13

After a successful first season, Netflix is ​​set to launch a brand new season of the reality show. It will be released on May 13 on the OTT platform.

The series aired its first episode last year on January 15. The official synopsis reads:

“Very wealthy Asian and Asian-American entertainers go all out to throw parties, glamor and drama in Los Angeles.”

In addition to Kelly Mi Li, other millionaire actors in the series include Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kim Lee, and Gabriel Chiu. Season 2 will deal with the daily drama of the wealthy and their lifestyle in Los Angeles.

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