Where is Stay Close filmed? Location Harlan Coben’s Netflix drama series set – and starring James Nesbitt

The miniseries are set in the UK, although New York bestselling author Harlan Coben’s book is based in the US.

Stay Close is the latest eight-part series to be released on the streaming platform, and many viewers have wondered where the luxurious homes and stunning scenery were filmed.

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So where was the series shot and where does the story take place? This is what you need to know.

What is it all about to stay close?

Stay Close follows the lives of four strangers who are more connected than they first realize, as past crimes begin to unravel and secrets begin to emerge between the group.

Starring James Nesbitt, Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, and Sarah Parish, the series stays close to the original storyline but doesn’t take place in the United States, where the book takes place.

It focuses on a young mother of three named Megan (Jumbo) who moves to another part of town and changes her identity, also known as Cassie.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “Four people each keep dark secrets from loved ones; Megan (Jumbo) a working mother of three, Ray (Armitage) a once promising documentary photographer, Broome (Nesbitt) a detective unable to let go of the cold case of a missing person, and Lorraine (Parish) an elderly friend of Megan. As the past comes back to haunt them, threatening to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them, what will their next move be? “

It also promises “thrills, gripping suspense, and secrets of past crimes starting to unravel”, making you wonder “how much you really know someone”.

Where does the series take place?

Stay Close is set in the north of England, although there is no defined area that the four people live for.

American writer Coben had planned for the story to take place in Atlantic City, USA, but as with his previous screen adaptation “The Stranger,” Stay Close was shot in the UK for the series.

Several northern towns were used to film the series (Photo: Netflix)

While there is no identified city in which the story takes place, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a number of landmarks throughout the series.

Where was Stay Close filmed?

Merseyside and central Manchester were the two main filming locations for the series, but Blackpool was also used as Coben revealed “as the book is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Blackpool really looks a lot like Atlantic City “.

He also admitted “It’s always a challenge to make things happen. “

Manchester and St Helens

Right from the start, the series features a number of scenes that were shot in clubs and bars in the north of the city.

The Vipers Club, where Megan is reintroduced to her old friend Lorraine in the first episode, was actually filmed in Impossible in Manchester.

The Vipers club is actually XX in Manchester (Photo: Netflix)

For Megan’s hen in the first episode, the Manchester bar Refuge also makes an appearance.

As for St Helens, viewers may have noticed that the bird’s-eye shots show a huge head sculpture. It is actually the “Dream” statue in St Helens, designed by artist Jaume Plensa.

The Dream statue in St Helens is featured in Stay Close (Photo: VisitLiverpool)

Blackpool was chosen for several of the outdoor shots, apparently due to its eerie resemblance to Atlantic City, while the northern part of Manchester was used for the city center shots.

Stay Close released on Netflix UK on December 31, 2021, all episodes available now for Netflix subscribers