Where to watch new drama The Offer online in Australia

Moviegoers should line up to watch this miniseries about the making of The Godfather.

One of the greatest movies of all time almost didn’t get made. The Godfather, which was released in 1972, became a landmark gangster flick, spanned 2 equally acclaimed sequels, and earned a cozy spot in the movie hall of fame. Behind the scenes, the production was plagued with problems, which The offer details.

A limited series, The offer focuses on producer Albert S. Ruddy and details his experiences working on the highly influential film. To appease the big personalities of those involved in The Godfather facing the real crowd – who weren’t too happy with how their work would be portrayed on screen – Ruddy had no shortage of tantrums to handle.

Grab some cannoli and settle in to witness the lesser-known machinations that led to the development of a cinematic masterpiece.

When The offer to go out?

The series debuts in Australia on Friday April 29 with 3 episodes. Episodes will arrive weekly after that. Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes.

where to watch The offer online in australia

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The offer Insight

The limited series is a celebration of The Godfather, so it’s no wonder it’s coming out in 2022 – 50 years after the movie hit the big screen. In the 1970s, Paramount Pictures bought the adaptation rights to Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel, but the studio struggled to round up the cast and find a director. Additionally, actual mobsters interfered with the production, further complicating matters.

Thousand Teller (Divergent, whiplash) plays Albert S. Ruddy, the inexperienced producer who works tirelessly to get the film going. He gets help from Juno Temple (Ted Lasso) Bettye McCartt, a secretary who knows everything and everyone in Hollywood.

The rest of the main cast is excellent too, with Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, Matthew Goode as studio boss Robert Evans, Giovanni Ribisi as mob boss Joe Colombo, Patrick Gallo as writer Mario Puzo, Colin Hanks as director Barry Lapidus and Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando. You’ll also see Burn Gorman, Anthony Ippolito, Josh Zuckerman, Nora Arnezeder, and Paul McCrane, among others.

The offer is definitely something The Godfather fans can’t refuse to watch. You can follow the producer as he deals with various issues that arise along the way, although we know that The Godfather ends up being a huge success. Viewers will get to appreciate even more the hard work that went into making sure it sees the light of day.

Moreover, there is a good chance that The offer will appeal to anyone even remotely interested in how Hollywood works, giving audiences a rare (if polite and possibly unreliable) overview of how movies are made. With such a talented cast, we’re cautiously optimistic the series will be fun.

The offer episode release schedule

  • The offer Episode 1 – A seat at the table – April 29
  • The offer Episode 2 – Warning shots – April 29
  • The offer Episode 3 – Molten – April 29
  • The offer Episode 4 – TBA – May 6
  • The offer Episode 5 – TBA – May 13
  • The offer Episode 6 – TBA – May 20
  • The offer Episode 7 – TBA – May 27
  • The offer Episode 8 – TBA – June 3
  • The offer Episode 9 – TBA – June 10
  • The offer Episode 10 – TBA – June 17

The offer trailer

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