Why Fans Think Ethan Plath Is Responsible For The Cemetery Drama

Olivia has an emotional outburst at the cemetery, but some Welcome to Plathville fans say Ethan’s lack of communication is to blame for the drama.

Ethan Plath avoids confrontation at all costs on Welcome to Plathville but when the drama happened in a recent episode, fans say it was more Ethan’s fault than Olivia Plath’s. When it comes to difficult conversations and complicated relationships, Ethan prefers to ignore them altogether. He has been transparent about the fact that he never learned how to communicate or express his emotions effectively.

This has been a big problem in his marriage to Olivia as they learn to overcome their differences and navigate married life. Ethan tends to shut down instead of having a conversation and finds solace working on his cars to escape reality. Olivia encouraged Ethan to sit down, be honest, and get over his feelings. She has been clear about her position and how she wants him to support her and understand her more. The strained relationship she has with her stepmother, Kim Plath, has also contributed to many problems within their marriage on Welcome to Plathville.


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Such was the case when Olivia found out she would have to confront Kim at the cemetery for the Joshua Plath memorial. Olivia didn’t see it coming and she felt overwhelmed and knew she wasn’t ready to interact with it. Her decision not to go to the cemetery with Ethan due to Kim’s presence caused a lot of anger and frustration. Ethan knows where Olivia is at with Kim, and many fans felt he was responsible for the drama that unfolded. Fans shared their thoughts on a Reddit thread posted by the user Little Emmy about everything that happened. AlwaysTalk_it_out wrote, Ethan. Don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. No effort to communicate with his wife. No consideration for his feelings. No emotional intelligence.

Olivia Plath Welcome to Plathville

Many Welcome to Plathville fans felt that Ethan should have tried harder to talk to Olivia and let her express her feelings. Ethan had a hard time dealing with his emotions when he found out Kim was going to be there. Instead of having a conversation and trying to resolve the issue, everything was swept under the rug to be dealt with later. Lock444 commented on the writing of the thread, “Okay, Ethan, but you need to talk to your wife about it. The trauma triggers.

Although Ethan said having Olivia at the grave by his side would have meant a lot to him, he only mentioned it after the fact. His inability to communicate to let him know what he was thinking and feeling at the time led to a lot of unnecessary hurt and misunderstandings. As they try to make things right Welcome to Plathvillefans are hoping they end up on the same page.

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