Why The Room Would Have Made Better Supernatural Drama

“Maybe Johnny is a vampire, we’ll see.” Aficionados of the 2003 cult classic Bedroom might recognize this quote from Greg Sestero’s memoir, “The Disaster Artist.” This strange statement was so wonderfully confusing that it also ended up in the film adaptation of the novel. During manufacturing, Bedroomit is over-ambitious star, writer, director and executive producer Tommy Wiseau offered his lead role to be secretly a vampire. And while it wasn’t the weirdest thing to happen on set, it did lead to a lot of provocative questions.

It is undeniable that Bedroom has cemented its place in pop culture, so much so that other “so-bad-it’s-good” works of art are favorably compared to it. It’s been 19 years since the movie came out initial version, and while BedroomJohnny’s true inspiration continues to elude fans, Johnny’s vampiric nature has finally been properly reflected on. YouTuber and book reviewer Dominic Noble stunned the internet when he apparently “discovered” that Bedroom was based on an obscure Polish novel, incorporating it into his popular “Lost in adaptation” series.

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Tommy Wiseau’s apparent shame about his international origins, his nonsensical responses to questions about Bedroom and his over-inflated ego – which currently costs him $700,000 – made the information presented in Noble’s video entirely plausible. In addition to the fact that Noble is known for critiquing classic – and completely real – works such as Ladies First: Romance with a Maga Hat, How to date your dragon and An Amish Harvestthere was little doubt in the minds of viewers that The room where I died It was a real literary work.

Although soon after Noble admitted it was an April Fool’s joke, the book he described felt like a much higher quality version of Wiseau’s magnum opus. All Bedroomit is Mark’s absurdities, such as Claudette’s cancer, Denny’s bizarre behavior, and Lisa’s role as a vindictive one-note prostitute, are explained through fully fleshed out relationships. Lisa of Noble’s fictional book is portrayed as a far more likable character, and her relationship with Claudette is far more toxic — and far less repetitive — than it appears in Wiseau’s inane screenplay.

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Denny’s age is also significantly changed in Noble’s story. The room in which I died transforms the character from a grown man with no respect for boundaries, a bizarre addiction to Johnny, and a creepy obsession with his future wife to a child of a broken home. In this context, Denny’s relationship with Johnny and the latter’s indifferent reaction to his friend’s confession of love in the middle of the film takes on much more meaning. Regarding this infamous drug deal: The bogus novel mentions Denny’s alcoholic father and his shady dealings, making Denny an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

Mark and Lisa’s sexual relationship is stated to be much more toned down in the “book”. While the case remains an integral part of the plot, it doesn’t monopolize the story as much and, much like with Claudette and Lisa’s mother-daughter dynamic, it’s far less repetitive. When Wiseau’s all-American hero laughs at Marc’s gruesome tale of domestic violence, the non-existent prose contextualizes this disconcerting scene as Johnny, busy dreaming, hasn’t heard a word from Mark.

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The final and perhaps brightest twist – aside from the prank reveal – is that Wiseau’s bizarre vampiric dreams have finally come true. After apparently committing suicide as a result of Mark and Lisa’s affair, Johnny is revealed to be an immortal vampire, appearing completely unscathed to explain himself to the grieving couple. Clearly, he’d been testing them throughout their respective seven-year relationship, trying to figure out if they were worth living by his side.

In a truly bizarre turn of events, Noble’s prank turns an inept and utterly absurd attempt at emotional drama into a heartbreaking tale of an immortal loner betrayed by everyone he trusted. The best-designed book was never real, while Bedroom continues to perform to audiences around the world. Reality is truly stranger than fiction.

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