Win a copy of the Acceptable Risk detective series on DVD

Acceptable Risk is now available on DVD

new drama acceptable risk is a must-have watch; This gripping dark Irish crime drama sees Emer Byrne tackle a deadly murder case in Dublin.

When Sarah Manning (Elaine Cassidy – No violation) her husband, Lee, is murdered while on a business trip to Montreal, her hectic, upscale Dublin life quickly plummets. Good memories give way to alarming questions and Sarah quickly realizes that she knows little about her husband’s past, or his work in a powerful international pharmaceutical company…

Detective Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball) is brought in to uncover the truth, and as she ruthlessly investigates, she quickly unravels a web of devastation, deception and lies. As the danger mounts, Sarah begins to suspect that Lee’s murder is linked to the death of her first husband. Did the two men know a terrible secret that got them killed?

Also starring Morten Suurballe (The slaughter) and Lisa Dwyer Hogg (The fall), this moving international thriller follows Sarah’s high-stakes fight for the truth amid a conspiracy of corporate, police and political interests.

Where, exactly, will Sarah’s quest for truth lead, and is it a acceptable risk should she take?

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Who plays Detective Emer Byrne on the show Acceptable risk?

A. Angeline Ball

B. Angelina Jolie

C. Angelica Bell

Closing date: March 21, 2022