xQc slams streamers using slurs after Adin Ross and Jake Lucky drama

Twitch Streamer Felix”xQcLengyel openly lambasted content creators who use slurs during their live streams. His comments come after Full Squad Gaming co-owner Jake Lucky accused Adin Ross of making a homophobic comment during a live stream. , unaware that his audio was being recorded.

Time after time, we hear of content creators getting banned from Twitch or YouTube for using an offensive comment during their live streams. Some famous faces have suddenly found themselves in the line of fire after a historic clip of them using a slur resurfaced on the internet months, if not years, later.

Now, in an angry rant on Twitter, xQc has called on streamers to “stop slurring”, proclaiming that excusing such behavior for being historic is not enough.

What was the lucky drama Adin Ross and Jake?

On April 11, Jake Lucky tweeted a clip from the YourRAGE livestream, in which the streamer’s companion made a homophobic slur, referring to someone off-stream as a “f****t” not knowing that it was recorded. Lucky then shared the clip claiming that YourRAGE’s companion was none other than Twitch streamer Adin Ross. However, YourRAGE quickly clapped back saying it wasn’t Adin Ross, but a “friend from high school.”

The tweet comes straight from the back of YouTuber Darren”IDisplaySpeedWatkins’ controversial comments in which he launched a sexist verbal attack on a woman VALORANTS player. A number of his fans came to his defense saying his outburst was prompted by racist comments. However, that didn’t stop Speed ​​from receiving a flurry of backlash online, with many saying his subsequent apology video wasn’t enough. Especially since it wasn’t the first time he’d landed in hot water for having a sexist outburst.

What did xQc say about streamers using slurs?

Following Lucky’s Twitter post, Twitch’s most popular streamer xQc also sent out a tweet in which he condemned content creators for using offensive slurs as well as their fans defending their actions. In the rant, xQc said, “Stop slurring and stop apologizing for your fucking ‘creators’.” We did “before” a lot of things in the past. We don’t live there anymore. Nobody is sweet, you are stupid. »

However, xQc didn’t stop there. Referring to streamers making apology videos after being called out for their comments, xQc continued, “Apologize if that’s what you believe in. Don’t apologize for anyone else. You have the feeling right and you don’t want to Apologize. Don’t. Pay the price. Simple trade. No one is forcing you to do anything.

Adin Ross has not responded to the drama at the time of writing. However, Twitter users who followed the drama did little else, with Lucky’s post sparking heated debate online. Not to mention, with streamers and fans still at odds over IShowSpeed’s comments, it looks like this particular issue is far from over.