Zoe Tay learns muay thai for new drama series Dark Angel, almost gets sick

For her latest drama series, local TV ‘Ah Jie’ Zoe Tay didn’t just have to deal with acting – she also needed to practice muay thai.

The 54-year-old veteran actress revealed to the media last Thursday (September 1) that her filming schedule for her latest drama, Dark Angel, was packed because of it.

“It’s tough, it’s really tough, especially when the shooting schedule has gotten really tight,” she said.

“Before I started shooting, I told the production team, ‘Don’t arrange the training when I have a lot of shooting to do, otherwise I’ll go crazy and have to take sick leave the next day. . If I did that, what would happen to the filming of the show?'”

Dark Angel is Mediacorp’s latest thriller drama series that follows Zoe’s character, He Ziyuan, as she becomes a lawyer and tries to uncover the entities that destroyed her family.

Her daughter falls into a coma while her son and her husband die after the attack of a mysterious assailant.


The drama series also features a stellar cast of actors such as Qi Yuwu, Aileen Tan, Rayson Tan, Chew Chor Meng, Lina Ng, and Jeffrey Xu, all of whom are Star Search finalists or champions.

When a violent criminal organization is involved, you can expect things to get physical and Zoe didn’t hesitate to learn muay thai for her role.

She said, “I actually like doing challenging things, and muay thai is very different from basic boxing, so it’s a new experience.”

Co-star Aileen, 55, added: “I can’t wait to see this show because both of us (Aileen and Zoe) struggled – we both had to learn muay thai. had even more trouble, because she will have to make one against five!”

In an interview with AsiaOne on September 1, Zoe revealed more about her role and shared that around 70% of the show depends on her character’s actions and decisions.

And while the seasoned actress has more than enough experience to play such a pivotal role, this one is different.

“My role is very intense, which includes more internal and emotional acting, as well as [a lot of action sequences]. It drained my body and my focus to the point where I almost got sick…I lost my voice,” Zoe said, adding that she managed to miraculously recover thanks to health supplements and medication. .

“For every month that I shoot, I have about a day or two off,” Zoe explained. “But I’m fine anyway, because they’re also scared of me getting sick, so they constantly ask me if I’m okay, to which I say, ‘I’m fine!'”

“If I don’t film today, I film tomorrow. As long as I don’t have conditions, I’ll be fine.”

The NC16 version of Dark Angel will air on meWATCH, while the cleaned up version will air on Channel 8 from September 12 at 9 p.m.

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